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What does Teaspresso Offer?

What’s more important when buying a product… brand-name or ingredients?

Consumers are seeking pure, “clean” and less harmful ingredients in their food. So why not compare our ingredients and offer your customers the best products based on what really matters… the ingredients.

We offer the best quality… for a lot less than you think. You will taste the difference.. Our products do not taste artificial, as most other brands.

TeaSpresso offers a range of Sugar Free, Dairy Free / Vegan Hot Chocolates, Chai Lattes & Coffee, Gluten & Wheat FreeBaking mixes that consist of nutritious ingredients and Pure Spices.

2019 Teaspresso Retail Brochure

Click here to view the 2019 Teaspresso Retail Brochure

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For any inquiries please contact:


Annelize Nel – 081 711 7431 /

Orders in Cape town:

Janine Young – 081 271 1207 /