Cape Dutch Coffee




Single Origin - COLUMBIAN COFFEE BEANS (100% Arabica)

Full-body, rich, perfectly balanced & smooth taste!

High quality 100% pure coffee and the country of Columbia have long been linked together. As one of the world's largest coffee producers, Colombian's have perfected growing Arabica coffee trees. Our high quality coffee berries are grown in the shade, the growth is thereby slowed, resulting in a coffee berry which is more intense in flavor.

Single source coffee beans, mean the beans are grown from a single geographical origin to achieve a particular taste. The notion of ‘single origin arose in the late nineties, where the focus was on rewarding individual farmers who were successful in growing tasteful coffee.





AFRICAN BLEND (Arabica & Robusta)

African Coffee beans tends to have a sweet, fruity flavor balanced by a light acidity. By blending these beans, these characteristics are slightly emphasized resulting in a superior taste. Africa produces some of the most remarkable coffee due to the beans grown in high mountainous regions in the tropical belt of East Africa. These African beans are a medium to full-bodied blend grown exclusively in East Africa.



Ice Cappuccino2

An instant creamy coffee / cappuccino powder, that makes a delicious refreshing
Iced Coffee Drink
350ml Low Fat Ice Coffee

Blend together 50g powder, 50ml milk & 2 cups ice
350ml Creamy Ice Coffee
Blend together 50g powder, 200ml ice cream & 1 cup ice
Add 1 to 2tsp of our Rich Cape Dutch Hot Chocolate



Sugar, full cream
milk powder,
whey, freeze dried
coffee, cocoa,
acacia gum.





CAPE DUTCH - Cococino-sugar-free 12-05-2015

Dairy & Cane Sugar Free

Finally a delicious Diary Free Coffee solution...
This is an instant creamy Coconut Iced Coffee drink, with a hint of cocoa and sweetened with a low gi Organic Coconut Sugar.

The product can be made Hot or Cold!!

Gluten free, No Additives, No Artificial Sweeteners


Coconut cream powder, Coconut sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Acacia Gum.